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New Delhi:  A recent survey has found that 77 per cent Indians feel that the current level of conversations and initiatives around mental health in India are insufficient, while almost 9 in 10 know this is an important ‘health’ aspect.

According to the Fiama Mental Well-being Survey India 2020, which covered 15 cities across India with over 700 participants aged 18-45 years, 1 in 4 young Indians feel that mental health issues can start as early as the teens, while 70 per cent of young India feels that one is susceptible to mental health issues by the age of 35 given the socio-economic milieu we live in.

Conversations around mental health in the country have increased over the last few years, but the problem continues to grow especially in the younger part of the country’s population.

70 per cent of young India under the age of 25 have had issues with mental well-being, but only 26 per cent have been able to consult a professional counsellor or therapist. Most of them have relied on reaching out to friends and family or have looked for help online. This indicates that young India is still hesitant is seeking out professional help, reveals the survey conducted in partnership…

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