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WASHINGTON: Donald Trump led the United States for four tumultuous years with a right-wing populist approach and an “America First” message, but left office with his presidency in tatters and the country’s democratic institutions dented after a calamitous last chapter.

The Republican businessman-turned-politician produced policy accomplishments including tax cuts, curbs on legal and illegal immigration, a rightward shift of the federal judiciary, a rollback on environmental rules deemed burdensome and diplomatic deals between close U.S. ally Israel and Arab states.

Having lost his bid for re-election, Trump on Wednesday bequeathed new Democratic President Joe Biden a United States bitterly divided along regional, political, socioeconomic and racial lines amid a relentless COVID-19 pandemic and a wounded economy.

In his final weeks in office, Trump promoted false claims of widespread voter fraud, stood accused of inciting a mob of supporters to rampage through the U.S. Capitol and became the first president ever to be impeached twice.

An exodus of senior officials including Cabinet members shaken by the Capitol attack left him increasingly isolated in his final days at…

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