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One of the common challenges faced by musicians on the go is that they can’t always plug in their guitar or bass guitar and play unless they happen to have a standalone amplifier available, an issue that is being resolved by the introduction to market of the Vox VGH series.

Built around the performance and function of Audio Technica headphones, the Vox VGH line of headphone amplifiers are equipped with 40-mm drivers that offer a wide frequency range, with the Rock and AC30 versions offering up to 16 hours of playing time and the Bass extending that up to 20.

Set to be made available in the coming months for a base price of $99.99, the Vox VGH collection of headphone amplifiers make it easier than ever for guitarists and bass players to go about enjoying a high-quality amplified headphone experience without dealing with voluminous cables, interfaces and other gadgetry.

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