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Mumbai: Actress Sonakshi Sinha says that she doesn’t pay much heed to trolls. The actress adds that there was a point when what they said would really bother her, but it does not anymore.

“There used to be a time where I used to get really bothered by what is being said about me on social media by trolls and would react as well. But now I have reached a point where it doesn’t affect me at all and I have learned to move on,” she told IANS.

She adds that trolls are only people who hide behind their phones and spread negativity. They have no place in her life.

“These guys sitting behind their phones and constantly spewing negativity aren’t important to me. My fans have been extremely supportive and that’s what matters. I have always been myself on social media and I will continue to keep it ‘asli’,” she says.

Meanwhile, Bollywood had a tough time last year due to the pandemic. Theatres were closed down and film shoots were halted. Sonakshi says that because of this situation OTT has grown, but a theatrical experience will always be special for her.

“Lockdown brought a lot of movies closer to viewers because of their digital releases, which has been great, and OTT viewership is…

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