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The ParcSlope is a versatile metal stand from Twelve South, a consumer electronics accessories company that offers sleek products that help users to make the most out of their tech.

The one-piece stand boasts an 18-degree angle, making it perfect for typing and sketching without causing strain to the wrists. As ParcSlope is designed to hold all types of Apple gear, users can lock in their iPads or MacBooks without having to worry about them sliding around. The open design also helps to promote airflow, which can prevent computers from overheating.

Twelve South Co-Founder Andrew Green spoke to the design, stating “ParcSlope elevates your MacBook screen for better ergonomics while keeping your keyboard and trackpad at desk level. But ParcSlope’s aggressively minimal design is what I’m most excited to share. When a desk accessory borders on a sculpture—you really have something special.”

Image Credit: Twelve South

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