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‘Love Life & Pakodi’ is an indie film that hit the screens today (March 12). Here is our review of the latest box-office release.


Arun (Bimal Kartheek Rebba) and Rheya (Sanchitha Poonacha) are in a romantic relationship. Theirs is a no-strings-attached affair, replete with bedroom fun and outdoor revelry. After being in a relationship for years, Arun realizes that he is in love with Rheya. This is when the talk of marriage is brought up. But will Rheya agree? There is also a small jolt that the two individuals receive. What is it? That’s the second half for you.


In ‘Love Life & Pakodi’, life is all about relationship talks and love is more about no-hold-barred indulgences. As for Pakodi, it’s a mere ‘pakodi’ in a broth. Nothing much to be worried about.

Made as an indie film by writer-director Jayanth Gali, this is the kind of film where the characters ruminate over break-up stories, relationship and commitment issues endlessly. For accompaniment, there are montage songs and more montage songs. Sometimes, an adult harangues kids with his romantic flashbacks. One wonders what it is with kids being told love stories by privileged adults in our feel-good movies.

The narration is not linear. The timelines shift. To the director’s credit, the story-telling is clear-cut. Issues like premarital pregnancy are dealt with in a mature fashion.

The male lead is a fan of Tarantino (what is an indie film without references to some legend?). Much as the film has too many dialogues (everything is verbalized to the T), the love story is narrated through songs as well. “It’s a dream-like twist,” sings a character, soaking in love.

The love-making scenes are narrated without much fuss. The juxtaposition of a bedroom scene with an action scene is witty. Given how many dialogues in the movie are English-language conversations, the film could well have been called, ‘Love Life & Spoken English’. It’s good that the film has skipped a release in single screens….

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