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Verv is an innovative and intelligently engineered wellness app that is designed to create a confluence between elements including cardiovascular exercise, interval training, dance, meditation and dietary advice to provide a multi-pronged weapon in the battle for improved fitness and health.

What’s great about Verv is that its plethora of workouts and methods are so wide-ranging that they keep you on your toes. From resistance band routines and bodyweight workouts to fun dance moves, mindfulness techniques and over 270 guided meditations the Verv wellness app addresses the needs of both body and mind. It also comes with detailed recipes to suit different dietary needs, so you can be mindful of what you’re putting in your body.

Ultimately, the unbeatable utility of the Verv wellness app is derived from the fact that it takes a holistic approach towards wellness and makes life easier for users by removing the need for them to consult a variety of apps and platforms to take care of different elements of their health.

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