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These sanskars are believed to be an essential part of life and hence, are performed at auspicious muhurats

Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in India that have been practiced by millions of people around the world. It has various sanskars — from conception to cremation. These sanskars are believed to be an essential part of life and hence, are performed at auspicious muhurats. As per the Hindu scriptures, there are 16 sanskars performed by Hindu among which Namakarana, Vidyarambh, and Janeu sanskars are some of the most essential rituals. These sanskars are usually performed between birth and adulthood.

Namkarana Ceremony is performed after the birth of a new-born baby where he/she is given a name in a way that reflects a noble quality. During the ceremony, the first letter of the name is decided on the basis of the movement of celestial bodies.

Auspicious muhurat for Namakarana Sanskar in May 2021:

  • May 21: 3.23 pm to 5.27 am, May 22
  • May 23: 5.26 am to 5.26 am, May 24
  • May 24: 5.26 am to 12.13 am, May 25
  • May 26: 5.25 am to 1.16 am, May 27
  • May 30: 5.24 am to 5.24 am, May 31
  • May 31: 5.23 am to 4.02 pm

Vidyarambh ceremony is performed to mark the beginning of a child’s primary education. Vidyarambh is a Sanskrit word that is formed by combining “ Vidya” which means studies and “Arambh” which means beginning. The ritual is usually performed after the child crosses five years of age. It is quite important for Hindus as it marks the beginning of a bright future for the child through knowledge and learnings.

Auspicious muhurat for Vidyarambh Sanskar in May 2021

  • May 21: 11.11 am to 8.52 pm
  • May 23: 6.43 am to 2.56 pm
  • May 28: 5.25 am to 8.02 pm
  • May 30: 5.25 am to 8.17 pm
  • May 31: 5.24 am to 8.13 pm

Janeu Sanskar, also known as Upanayana Sanskar and Yajnopaveet Sanskar, is an old tradition of Hindus that have been taking place since the Vedic period. It is believed that one can get the right to perform the yajna and self-study only…

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