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New Delhi: A lot depends on you while maintaining the security and privacy of your debit cards.Things like not writing your PIN or passwords on your ATMs, not sharing your password with anyone, are the most important things when it comes to using your card. However, there are a few more things that you should keep in mind while you are doing your debit card activity.

Here are 5 good practices to follow while withdrawing cash from ATMs:

1. Though it is generally being advised that one should not count the money inside ATM machine. But if you do so with a little caution, it will be helpful for you. Some ATM users in the past had complained that the money dispensed was not similar to what they had punched for. Though you need not worry if it happens because you can always register your complaint at the bank and they will retrieve your amount. But a little caution always helps.

2. Many of us have this habit of finishing up the transaction and then quickly leaving the ATM. However, one should always press the ‘cancel button’ when the transaction is over. By doing this, you can be doubly sure that the person behind you will not be able to tamper with anything.

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