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New Delhi: An Incentive Spirometer is a handheld device that helps the lungs to recover after a surgery or lung illness. Using this device can help the lungs stay active, free of fluid and even maintain it’s strength.

How does it work?

When you breathe from an incentive spirometer, a piston rises inside the device and measures the volume of your breath. A healthcare provider can set a target breath volume for you to hit.

This device is commonly used at the hospitals post surgeries or prolonged illnesses that leads to an extended bed rest. Your doctor or surgeon may also give you a take-home spirometer after surgery.

Breathing slowly with a spirometer allows your lungs to inflate fully. These breaths helps in breaking up the fluid inside the lungs that can lead to pneumonia if it isn’t cleared.

Who needs to use an incentive spirometer?

An incentive spirometer is often given to the people who’ve recently had surgery, people with lung disease, or people with conditions that fill their lungs with fluid.

  • After surgery: An incentive spirometer can keep the lungs active during bed rest. Keeping the lungs active with a spirometer is thought to lower the risk of developing…

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