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The iBloodPressure Monitor has been unveiled by Smart Meter as a new connected blood pressure management solution that will put an automated functionality in the spotlight. The system features a cellular-connected design that has a 4G/5G LTE communication chip inside that will automatically back up readings without the need for manual toggling. This is likely to be a must-have for adults and seniors alike who are in need of a better way to track their health throughout the day.

The iBloodPressure Monitor was explained further by CEO of Smart Meter Brahim Zabeli who said, “Our user base has grown nearly tenfold, a testament to the fact that Smart Meter makes it easy for healthcare providers, patients and organizations to implement and scale sustainable RPM programs in a matter of weeks, supporting patient populations of all sizes. Our cellular-enabled iBloodPressure Monitor and iGlucose Blood Glucose Meter do not require patient setup. Rapid onboarding and instant transmission of data fulfills CPT requirements for efficient reimbursement.”

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