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‘Chakra’, starring Vishal in the lead, hit the screens today (February 19). Here is our review of the latest BO release.


The movie begins with multiple robberies happening in Hyderabad on Independence Day, and one incident happens at army officer Chandru’s (Vishal) house as well. As Chandru and Gayathri (Shraddha Srinath) start investigating the case, they find out some major breakthroughs. As the duo further investigates, they find that the culprit is a technology-powered smart individual who is planning to carry out another set of robberies. 

A cat and mouse chase ensues. Who’s the robber, what’s the motive of the robber and whether Chandru and Gayathri are able to nab the criminal is the crux of the story.


Although ‘Chakra’ has nothing to do with ‘Abhimanyudu’, it follows a template laid by the latter. The themes of data theft, privacy breach and businessmen flouting privacy rules lie littered throughout. There is an online aggregator by the name of Dial For Help, whose callousness becomes the strength of the villain. 

“Welcome to the digital world,” a character says, making it clear that the film is in the mould of a cyber-crime thriller. The hero analyzes the voice of the villain in a control room as highly-experienced police offers display their cluelessness every other scene. 

The film’s mind games are limited to ultra-familiar tropes – like the police deparment holding a presser to say some deliberate things in order to hoodwink the antagonist. There comes a point when the villain stops being a step ahead. And the funride ends here. 

Shraddha Kapoor’s cop character stages a fake encounter in no time. But she is that gutsy and talented only in the absence of the hero. Whenever Vishal’s character is around, she surrenders to his intelligence. The cops do things that the villain wants them to. The female top cop messes up with two suspects and the film drags itself down endlessly from here. 

It’s not like the hero is consistently…

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